Here You find some Visual Basic Examples I wrote (and some other Persons). They are very short (mostly), if U do not understand them, BUY A BOOK. If U have written something interisting U want to share with other People, send me the Source. If it is good i add it...

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Projects / .BAS Files...

File Description Author
3D A simple 3D-App that shows and
rotates a Square.
( 10 Minute Work :) )
AnalogClock Sample how do make a "old fashioned" clock Leahcim
API_Timer Sample how to do a timer with the api. MSKB
block.bas Sample how to block ctrl-alt-del and alt-tab.
Should work in any 32bit VB version.
CGI4VB A .bas that Handles Var-Input /
HTML-Output via StdIn & StdOut
for U. Save me much Work.
CreateWindow A sample source how to create a window with pure API. Mephiston
Crypt Demo how to Crypt a Text. Leahcim
DDE-mIRC Communicates with mIRC via DDE
in both Ways VB<->mIRC.
DNSLookup Sample how to look up a Domainname or a IP in a
Component for IIS (uses winsock.bas)
DriveSerial How to get the serial-number of a harddisk-partition
in 32bit vb
taken from
DriveTypeList Shows how to get a list of the connected drives and
the type of this drives
Iniman.bas Handles .ini Files. Even in VB4 32! Unknown
KillMenu Sample Source how to enable/disable menu entrys in the
ML-IRC Source of my IRC Client, i have no time to finish it. maybe someone wants to do so!? Leahcim
Mass Sample of a peudo stable universe with gravitation and collisions. Leahcim
Delta Blanker A Screenblanker with nice Graphics
and Sound. (Sound Files not
McHildenBrand Nice beginner sample, shows how to use control arrays and
how to build a nice interface.
MyTextBox A self made Textbox with Color.
I wrote it because the RTB is to Big.
Idea by Whiz.
OwnForm Give your Forms a unique look. (short hack) Leahcim
PlayASound Demo how to play a *.wav File in VB Leahcim
ScrollText Demo how to Scroll a Text in a Picturebox Leahcim
Tile How to Tile a Picture on a Form Background Leahcim
Tube A little Demo how to Map a Picture on a Tube.
Based on Yanidogs formula.
Winsock.bas A nice .bas with much defenitions needed to use the
winsock.dll in vb (including callback)
Winsock IRC My First Test with winsock.dll. Uses
wsksock.bas by Topaz. Output to
Debug Window! U need a Message
Hook Control
to run it.
TopMost Demo how to make a Window TopMost Leahcim
Version A .BAS File that requests the Version
of a File. I ripped that of somewhere
and modified it, but i do not remember
where. :)
Rotate A Rotating Cube Matt Hard
RsTimer Sample source how to create a ActiveX dll and how to use
API Timers.
Search Search a String in A File on a Harddisk Matt Hard
ChatServer A very small Chat Server, a bit buggy because of
the MS-Inet Controls
vb5trayicon Puts a Icon into the System Tray Unknown
Filldir Fill the Directory-Tree of a Harddisk
into a Treeview
Matt Hard
vbWinsock A ActiveX winsock dll and a sample chat client aolsux

Text Files...

CTCP CTCP Protocol
DCC DCC Description
RFC 1413 Telnet
RFC 1459 The IRC Protocol